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Your Path to Being Known

Your Master Plan to Become the Recognized Expert in Any Industry

Do you dream of having a loyal following that listens to your every word and buys what you have to sell? Does the idea of becoming well-known sound appealing, but something’s stopped you?

Are these uncertain times forcing you to rethink your marketing? Maybe you’ve wondered if now is the perfect time to build a name for yourself?

Perhaps you think you don’t have the time, the know-how, or the confidence to become a top player in your space. Have you got amazing wisdom to share, but you haven’t been able to break out?

The good news is you’re not alone. But, something’s got to change for you to become well-known.

If you truly want to make your mark on the world, keep reading. It’s not impossible. You DO NOT need to sacrifice your time, money, family, or friends. You don’t need to be selfish or vain.

And yes, it does require work. But maybe not as much as you think.

Become Well-Known Without the “Hustle & Grind”

The key to selling more, having a bigger impact on the world, and getting the recognition you know you deserve—without becoming a “hustle-holic”—is by becoming well-known.

It no longer makes sense to wait to be “discovered.”

The truth is that getting attention has never been harder. Algorithms restrict your visibility. And yes, people are digitally distracted.

As soon as possible, you need to begin the intentional process of becoming well-known.

And yes, you can just decide to become well-known, and then do just that—without huge sacrifices.

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How Do You Intentionally Become Well-known?

Michael-Stelzner-HeadshotHi, my name is Michael Stelzner. I’m the founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner and the creator of Social Media Marketing World—the largest conference of its kind on the planet.

Years prior to Social Media Examiner, I was like you. I had some success, but was mostly unknown.

I started a creative agency. For years I hustled, put in unreasonably long hours, and worked myself crazy.

Then, after years of business building, I figured out a way to become well-known during a time of economic uncertainty. And that changed everything. People started coming to me.

How did this happen?

I decided to narrow my focus to the craft of writing white papers. In the early 2000s, I refined my skills and taught thousands of out-of-work journalists my methods. They found new careers and I became the top person in the world of white papers.

I had more business than I could handle. I raised my rates, yet people kept lining up, wanting to work with me. I finally was able to control my own future and focus on whatever I wanted to.

I later leveraged that success for a special project. I called on all the key relationships I had built and started a little blog called Social Media Examiner.

From Tiny Little Blog to Industry Leader

The year was 2009. It was the Great Recession and everyone was looking for new marketing ideas.

This time, the focus was less about me. Instead, I helped others become well-known.

For more than a decade I mentored, coached, and advised lots of aspirational entrepreneurs. Many would become some of the most well-known experts in their industries.

They included Amy Porterfield, Mari Smith, Pat Flynn, Marcus Sheridan, Joe Pulizzi, Sue B. Zimmerman, John Lee Dumas, Roberto Blake, Molly Pittman, Owen Video, Natasha Takahashi, Ray Edwards, Carlos Gil, Leslie Samuel, and Rich Brooks.

“As one of my first business mentors, Mike became an example of what’s possible when you commit to showing up authentically. Mike has been in the trenches and has real-life proof of what he’s teaching when it comes to becoming a go-to expert,” said Amy Porterfield.

Later, I decided to dip my toes into podcasting. I launched the Social Media Marketing podcast. It’s remained one of the world’s top marketing shows for more than seven years.

I became well-known again.

Here’s the truth. I have no magic skills. Instead I have a method that I’ve successfully employed for myself and others.

And while I’ve been reluctant to do this before now, I’m finally stepping forward and revealing my tested, proven process for becoming well-known.

Give me a few minutes on this page, and I’ll share the model… one that will help you achieve your dreams of becoming well-known.

“It’s an honor to call Mike a trusted advisor and friend since 2008. When I have a critical decision to make in business, I know I can turn to Mike and he’ll provide very clear, level-headed advice,” said Mari Smith.

3 Things You DON’T Need to Become Well-Known

Here’s what is NOT required to become well-known:

1️⃣ You do NOT need to be a shameless “self-promoter.” You likely already know that the world tunes out people who constantly talk about themselves and who post endless humble brags. That’s not the way to success.

2️⃣ You do NOT need to be flashy or pushy. People who show up in front of expensive cars are often people no one trusts. It’s NOT about the things you have, it’s about the knowledge and experience within you, and how you use it in the service of others.

3️⃣ You do NOT have to be outgoing or an extrovert. You might be surprised to learn that many of the most well-known online pros are introverts. Pat Flynn and Amy Porterfield are excellent examples. If they can do it, so can you!

“When I have a big business decision to make, I’m always going to Mike for advice. His mentorship has been invaluable and I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without his help,” said Pat Flynn.

The Path to Becoming Well-Known

So, just how do you become well-known?

Is there a proven roadmap? Yes, there is.

I’ve developed an easy-to-follow system that anyone can use.

I’ll share all my best techniques, culled from my own experience of becoming well-known in multiple industries, along with more than a decade of helping many others become well-known.

I will make two bold claims to you right now. If you follow this plan, it will (1) reduce your risk of failure and (2) accelerate your growth.

Today is your first day down the road less traveled. Are you ready to step into your future reality? Here is your plan:

The “DREAMS” Method

In this online course, I’ll share a proven model that will help you achieve your dreams of becoming well-known. It’s a process that works in ANY industry.

When you are well-known, you can generate more revenue, help more people, and more easily accomplish your personal goals (like greater confidence, recognition, and freedom).

Being well-known also increases the chances you’ll be invited on podcasts, recruited to speak on stages, and offered book deals.

A QUICK WARNING: This method will NOT bring you overnight fame and fortune. It WILL require work. But don’t all valuable pursuits?

Because I’ve worked extensively with people on the rise to becoming well-known (and I’ve accomplished it myself), I have a highly practical process based on real-world experience, not hypothetical theory.

The method works and I’ll share it with you now. It’s a step-by-step process, known as the DREAMS method.

The method explained:

Watch this video for an overview of the method.

Step 1. Depict Phase

The Cambridge dictionary defines the word ‘depict’ this way: “to represent or show something in a picture, story, movie, etc.; portray.” In the ‘Depict’ phase, you should be able to show who you want to become by making a picture of that person’s life (think storyboard), having a fully developed story about what it’s like to be them.

The mistake most people make in this phase is thinking too superficially; setting goals for a special car, or house, or vacation. We are going to dig deeper and discover your true, significant, “aspirational identity.”

We’ll discover:

✅ Why do you want to become well-known? What’s your deepest motivation for becoming well known? The answer to this question will sustain you through the inevitable ups and downs.

✅ What are your big dreams? What dreams are in your heart that you haven’t even shared with anyone because they were so big people might laugh at you?

✅ What could hold you back? Is it uncertainty, fear, or the dreaded imposter syndrome? These are more common than you might believe, and you do have what it takes to overcome them. I’ll show you how.

✅ What could you achieve if you overcame your roadblocks? If you could simply drop your limitations and reach your potential, what would you accomplish?

✅ How could this transform your business and your life? We will explore how becoming well-known could actually transform your life, your family’s life, and the lives of many others who hear your message.

Step 2. Research Phase

This is an important stage most people skip. That’s unfortunate, because skipping this phase almost guarantees failure. This phase involves studying your ideal audience AND your competition. Some of the work we’ll be doing in this phase includes finding the answers to important questions, such as:

✅ Audience research: Who do you want to reach? What are their struggles and frustrations? Which challenges can you help people solve?

✅ Competitor research: Who are your competitors? What are their strengths? Who do they serve? How can you be different? If you analyze your top competitors, what are they focused on and who are they overlooking?

Step 3. Experiment Phase

People who are in a hurry tend to skip this step. Again, ignoring this almost certainly spells failure in your quest to become well-known. This phase involves experimenting with messages to your ideal audience based on your research findings.

✅ Failure encouraged here: When you run experiments, some will fail and that’s OKAY!

✅ Run easy tests: Your goal is to run low-friction experiments, track the right signals, and refine your next experiment until you find something that connects.

Step 4. Augment Phase

To augment means to “improve” or “make better.” Think of how augmented reality adds layers of useful data to the real world. In the same way, here you’ll enhance your message.

In this phase, you will apply all the knowledge and wisdom you’ve accumulated thus far. It involves taking messages that worked during the experiment phase and making them into something greater.

✅ Talking points: This is where you develop your message and your core talking points. Who are you for? What problem do you solve? What’s your solution, simply stated?

✅ Your method: You’ll come up with your own “process” or “method.” Some of the most well-known pros have their own methods. For example:

👉 Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, from Gary Vaynerchuk

👉 The Miracle Morning, from Hal Elrod

👉 Atomic Habits, from James Clear

✅ Stories you can tell: You’ll develop stories from your experiences and those of other people, to help everyone understand your message.

✅ Content and social strategy: You will also develop your content and social strategy here. You’ll discover what type of content best suits you and map out a plan.

Step 5. Make Phase

Most people jump straight from the Depict phase to the Make phase, skipping over research, experiments, and augmenting. No wonder things don’t work out! This is the phase where you begin to make a name for yourself by making great content and making sure you show up on a regular basis.

When this is done right, it should not take up ALL your time. Why? Because you know precisely who you want to reach AND their struggles. You have researched and experimented with your message. You have developed your talking points and your process.

You get to decide if you will make content on your own platform or someone else’s platform. Here are some options for other people’s platforms:

✅ Podcasting: Did you know there’s an entire marketplace looking for podcast guests? You need to know how to be a desirable choice.

✅ Video: Whether you’re “taking over” someone else’s Instagram Stories or joining a live show, there are lots of options available to you.

✅ Writing: If you’re gifted in the written word, there are plenty of well-established online publications waiting for someone with your knowledge.

✅ Speaking: Imagine upleveling from webinars to live speaking events. You can dominate your industry if you know what Event Directors are looking for.

You’ll also tap your research to see where your competitors are focused. You’ll know how to carefully analyze what you’re doing to make sure you stay on the right track.

Step 6. Sync Phase

This is where you work with others—even your competitors—to help take things to the next level.

If you’ve followed the model, you will have gained traction which will naturally present partnership opportunities. In this phase you will:

✅ Build relationships: Identify the right people to collaborate with.

✅ Develop mutual outcomes: Leverage relationships for win-win scenarios.

So, let’s sum up the basic “framework” of this method:

DREAMS: Depict, Research, Experiment, Augment, Make, Sync.

If you follow the DREAMS process, you will reduce your risk of failure and greatly increase the chances that you successfully become well-known.

Does this sound interesting to you? I’ve only scratched the surface of this model here.

If you want to dive deeper with me, enroll in my new course called Becoming Well-Known.

This course is valuable because you’re getting detailed access to my tested and refined method for becoming well-known.

It worked for me, and it has worked for the many people I’ve coached from “unknown to well-known.”

“Before I became well known in the podcast and entrepreneurial world, Michael Stelzner guided me on the steps to take, the relationships to form, and the black holes to avoid. I will forever be grateful for his guidance and friendship,” said John Lee Dumas.

Enrollment is closing in just days.

Learn the details of my proven system and let me help you unlock your DREAMS of becoming well-known.

Here’s What It Does For You

Becoming well-known can mean so many good things for your business. It changes everything. It’s especially important if you currently feel you have to “hustle & grind” for attention.

✅ Business opportunities flow: Imagine what it will be like when business begins chasing you (instead of you “chasing business”). Imagine your email, DM’s, and voicemail stacking up with people who WANT to be your client or customer. And now you get to choose who you will or will not work with. No more doing work for jerks just because they hand you a check.

Imagine what it will feel like to sign new clients—at higher rates than ever before—without any need for the “hard sell” tactics used by so many others. You’ll experience “zero-resistance selling.”

✅ You make a bigger impact: Imagine being able to help more people as you see your message spread. What would it feel like to inspire more people and change their lives for the better? And you can make more money doing it. It really is possible to do well by doing good. And you deserve to experience this!

✅ You achieve your personal goals: Imagine the satisfaction that comes from being more recognized and accepted for doing the work you love. How good is it going to feel as people begin to recognize your expertise and your credibility? With your new reputation, you just might be able to live a better lifestyle, find more enjoyment in your work, or experience a new level of freedom.

✅ Bucket-list achievements: Imagine how it feels to get spontaneous invitations to speak at prestigious industry events, get asked to be a guest on your favorite podcast, or finally land a book deal.

Here’s the impact this process has had on others:

“In 2012, few people in the digital marketing space knew who I was. I made a point of getting to know Mike. Turned out he saw something in me and believed in me more than I believed in myself. He gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed to become a top speaker. I don’t just call him a mentor, I also call him a friend,” said Marcus Sheridan.

“When I met Michael I was an unknown videographer struggling to get by. He taught me a better way of presenting myself and my content to the public. Now I’m a globally recognized YouTube expert with a recurring segment on the San Diego news. Michael’s role has been transformative for me and I hope you get a chance to learn from him too,” said Owen Hemsath (aka Owen Video).

What You’re Getting

Becoming Well-Known is a full 6-module online course, which walks you step-by-step through the DREAMS method. Each of the steps in the DREAMS method is a module in the course:

Module #1: Depict: Here you will discover how to create a clear vision of who you want to become (and even more importantly, why you want to become that person).

When you are done with this module, you will have full clarity, you will understand what becoming well-known could do for your business and your life, you will be excited to make your dreams a reality, AND you’ll be prepared for the inevitable roadblocks that will occur.

Module #2: Research: In this critical module you will discover essential techniques that will help you understand who you want to reach, ensuring you succeed down the road. Research has been the secret to my success. It’s my key advantage. You have that same advantage, because I will share all my secrets on this topic.

When you complete the work in this module, you will fully understand the struggles of your ideal audience, which will help you create stronger connections. You will also understand clearly who your competitors are, what makes them amazing, and how you can be different.

Module #3: Experiment: In this module, you will build on your research and create simple experiments that will test your research findings and your audience targeting. When you finish the work in this module, you will have clarity on what messages most resonate with your ideal audience. You will also know where to reach them.

Module #4: Augment: Here you will take the knowledge from your successful experiments and develop them into clear and persuasive talking points that you can use over and over. As a former high-demand copywriter, I will bring unique wisdom to you here. Developing your own proprietary “library” of clear and persuasive talking points helps accelerate your progress. It isn’t magic, but sometimes it feels that way.

When you finish this module, you will have your own talking points, your own method (like my DREAMS method), stories you can tell, and your social and content strategy.

Module #5: Make: In this module you will discover how to make great content and decide which mediums and platforms are ideal for you, including podcasting, writing, video, and speaking. As a top podcaster, owner of a top blog, and owner of a very large conference, I bring unique insights to you here you won’t find anywhere else.

When you finish this module, you will understand how to be a highly desirable content expert that others will seek out, how to tap other people’s platforms, and best practices for content creation.

Module #6: Sync: In this module, you will understand how to build strategic relationships with your peers and competitors so you can take things to the next level. The key to Social Media Examiner’s growth has been this very topic. I will share how to create highly advantageous connections and partnerships with those very people you call competitors.

“In 2008/2009 I was searching for a new business model to launch the Content Marketing Institute. My conversations with Michael over that time helped us not only find the correct model, but turned CMI into one of the fastest growing B2B media companies in the world,” said Joe Pulizzi.

“Michael Stelzner patiently taught me how to do my first podcast interview 6 years ago. His gentle, caring instructions helped me have the confidence to speak with ity. This was the launching pad to help me become an international speaker. I am grateful for his mentorship and friendship,” said Sue B. Zimmerman.

Just the Facts

WHO: The Becoming Well-Known course is ideal for anyone who is self-employed and has achieved some level of success, but wants to be more well-known. If you are looking for a proven process that will help minimize your risk of failure and speed your path to becoming well-known, this course IS for you. It does not matter what industry you are in.

WHAT: Becoming Well-Known is a comprehensive online course taught by me (Michael Stelzner). I have been well-known in multiple industries and have coached dozens of people who have become leading experts in their industries. This course will provide you a detailed roadmap of the DREAMS method. You will receive on-demand video training, extensive worksheets, and live Q&A with me (scroll for details). You’ll also get access to an exclusive Facebook group.

WHERE: At your 九游娱乐下载home, office, or favorite coffee shop! You can participate in this course from anywhere, using your computer or mobile device.

WHEN: The course starts this fall. Doesn’t fit with your schedule? Don’t worry—you can participate at your own pace. You’ll have lifetime access to all the materials.

WHY: You’ll be able to achieve your dreams of becoming well-known. Imagine having more financial security, making a bigger impact on the world, becoming more recognized for your work, and being selected to be on podcasts and stages. This is all possible if you follow the steps in this course.

HOW: Simply register below. I’ll email you instructions for your exclusive access to Becoming Well-Known.

Course Details

Here is how this comprehensive course will be structured:

✅ Video and worksheet training: The training will be delivered via on-demand videos and detailed step-by-step worksheets. Each module contains many lessons, each with their own videos and detailed worksheets.

✅ Live with Mike: At the end of each week—for the first six weeks—you will participate in a live Q&A with me (Michael Stelzner), focused on answering your questions about that week’s module.

✅ Audio and transcripts: If you prefer to learn by listening or reading, I will provide audio versions and full transcripts of everything.

✅ Exclusive Facebook group: You will also have access to a private Facebook group that will be actively managed during the first six weeks of the course.

✅ Lifetime access: You will have lifetime access to the course material AND the Facebook group. This means that if I enhance the materials, you will still have access.

I believe the value and possible ROI on this training is enormous.

Isn’t it time you follow a proven roadmap, reduce your risk of failure, and get on the road to becoming well-known?

👇 Enrollment Reopens This Fall👇


Here are some more kind words from people I’ve had the chance to work with:

“Mike was one of the first people to encourage me to prioritize networking and relationship building. When I first entered the marketing landscape I was very isolated from the broader community. He helped shape my entrepreneur ethos at a time when I was finding my footing. It’s something I carry with me,” said Roberto Blake.

“Mike helped me see my work through a strategic lens, building on each new milestone to grow my influence and impact. His coaching and mentoring had a direct net positive effect on my business. There’s no doubt that because of his advice I have become more well-known,” said Ray Edwards.

“Mike Stelzner’s mentorship has been instrumental in helping me get to where I am today. I’ve created content to grow my brand, developed marketing plans, and spoken on stages all over the world. If you analyze what I’ve created, you will see his fingerprints throughout,” said Leslie Samuel.

It’s Decision Time

One year from today, you most certainly will arrive! The question is… WHERE?!

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll stay where you’ve always been.

If you want to arrive somewhere new, it’s time to try something new.

Maybe this is that new thing you need to do. I hope it is.

I look forward to getting to know you, inside Becoming Well-Known.

Warm Regards,

Michael Stelzner

P.S. Still not convinced? See what some well-known people have to say about my work:

“I’ve grown my agency and my presence online because of advice that Michael Stelzner has given me over the years. He’s provided guidance and mentorship that has helped me build an audience faster and further than I ever could have on my own. From pushing me to start my podcast, to inspiring me to write my book, to helping me shape my message, even convincing me not to sell my agency during a particularly low point in my career… It’s all been advice that’s helped me develop the platform and the reach I enjoy today,” said Rich Brooks.

“To be known and mentored by Michael Stelzner is one of the highest honors within the industry. He is a ‘straight-shooter’ who equally shows care and compassion through his guidance. It’s been Michael’s wisdom, through 1:1 dialogue, which has made a profound impact on me both professionally and personally,” said Carlos Gil.

“I’m so grateful to be able to call Mike a mentor, friend, and role model in the marketing industry. From the moment I met him, he has inspired me to be a better company leader, marketer, and educator. During one of our calls, I shared my age with him, which is something very private for me given I’m fairly young. From that moment, I felt that he genuinely wanted to help and support me however he could,” said Natasha Takahashi.

Still have questions? We have answers…

Q: How is this course structured (what’s included)?

  • Video and worksheet training: The training will be delivered via on-demand videos and step-by-step worksheets. Each module will contain multiple lessons with its own videos and worksheets.
  • Live with Mike: At the end of each week—for the first six weeks—you will participate in a live Q&A with Michael Stelzner, focused on answering your questions about that week’s module.
  • Audio and transcripts: If you prefer to learn by listening or reading, we will provide audio versions and full transcripts of everything.
  • Exclusive Facebook group: You will also have access to a private Facebook group that will be actively managed during the six weeks of the course.
  • Lifetime access: You will have lifetime access to the course material AND the Facebook group. This means that if the materials are enhanced, you will still have access.

Q: Are there any prerequisites?

The only prerequisite is that you have a dream of becoming well known and are ready to do the work that Michael Stelzner will teach you.

Q: Do I need to be a social media expert to take this course?

No, you do not. It will be helpful if you have at least one active social media account, but you do not need to be an expert. 

Q: How long is each module?

Each week will look different. The training will be delivered via on-demand videos and step-by-step worksheets. Each module consists of three to five lessons with its own videos and worksheets.

Q: How much time should I expect to devote to this course?

It will depend on how much time you can devote each week. Most lessons can be completed in an hour, but some require more extensive work that might take extra time (e.g. scheduling interviews or conducting experiments).

Q: I’d like to get a refund

If you’re not delighted with Becoming Well-Known within the first 14 days of the course start date, then simply ask by emailing us at [email protected] and we will refund your money and revoke your access, no questions asked. 

Q: I haven’t received an email telling me how to log in. Where do I go?

I’m sorry you didn’t get the email. Please make sure to add our email to your safe sender list/whitelist/contacts list (whatever your email provider uses): Click here.

Have other questions?

Payment questions: Email [email protected] All other questions (registration, login, etc.): Email [email protected] or call +1 858.746.5605 and one of our team members will help you out.