LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that was launched in 2003 for professional development and networking. While it primarily serves individual professionals, allowing them to post accomplishments and work histories, as well as upload resumes and other supporting material, it also provides opportunities for businesses to post jobs, showcase new products and services, and network with potential prospects. A messaging feature also provides two-way communication between users.

For businesses, LinkedIn is an effective tool for collaboration, sharing best practices, and targeted marketing efforts. Independent organizations can participate in various groups to expand their network, and executives and business owners can position themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

Below is a thorough roadmap for what you need to know to get established on LinkedIn and make it work for your business. Here you’ll learn everything from setting up your business profile to optimizing your professional information to grooming a professional network to target potential prospects through special tools and features.

LinkedIn for Business: The Ultimate LinkedIn Marketing Guide

Setting Up Your LinkedIn Business Profile

Establishing your LinkedIn company page is easy. You’ll use it to build brand awareness and promote your products and services to customers and prospects.

Choose the LinkedIn business page option that best fits your organization.

Updating your Business LinkedIn profile is important because you’ll want to continue to attract followers as well as appear relevant. After all, dead profiles suggest nobody’s 九游娱乐下载home. Instead, you’ll want to keep your profile positioned to engage your followers at all times. Ways to make this happen include:

The reason for all this checking and re-checking is because LinkedIn, like many social media platforms, often makes changes to its profiles that you need to be made aware of.

Keep the details and appearance of your LinkedIn company and showcase pages up to date.

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Finally, optimizing your LinkedIn business profile is important because it increases visibility and lets users know which sections of your profile are most important. You want to make sure the basics are working for you. These may include making sure you are using a high-resolution photo that is lit correctly and your headline uses keywords that your target audience uses most often.

After that, don’t forget to:

Advertising On Your LinkedIn Business Profile

Besides serving as a good way to get your company information out there, LinkedIn is a great tool for target marketing. This can include using LinkedIn ads or LinkedIn Matched Audiences, two tools that market your business directly to the people who may be interested the most.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences helps you retarget website visitors, market to contracts from your customer databases and marketing automation platforms, and reach decision-makers at target companies for your account-based marketing programs. It’s available for all LinkedIn advertising products, including Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, and other ad formats.

Create LinkedIn Matched Audiences to use website retargeting, account targeting, and contact targeting with your LinkedIn Ads.

Three of the new targeting capabilities are:

To improve your LinkedIn ads you need to run split tests to track audience response. Split test are also referred to as A/B testing. This requires optimizing your LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns. Split testing requires testing and iterating so that every component of your campaign, such as images and calls-to-action, is optimized. Tests should run for at least two weeks to be truly meaningful, and you should only test one variable at a time to see if it makes a difference.

LinkedIn ads work best for reaching small- to medium-sized businesses. To make this work requires enabling the “Company Size” filter that allows you to target the companies that are most likely to purchase your product or service. One of the challenges to this service is many companies with 50 or fewer people have not set up a company page on LinkedIn and those that have don’t require individual employees to associate their profiles with the company page.

The good news is that LinkedIn allows you to retarget visitors to your website with ads, which means you are going after people who have already shown interest in your product or service. You also have the opportunity to connect with qualified leads through lead generation forms that are designed to collect information via your ads. When members click your ad’s call-to-action button, for example, the form will open with the fields already filled using information from their LinkedIn profile. It’s that easy.

LinkedIn lead gen ads open with the fields already filled using information from a person's LinkedIn profile.

Finally, video ads are another option offered via LinkedIn. Users can research a target audience by interviewing current and former clients, conducting an interview with a member of their executive leadership, and reviewing the LinkedIn profiles of existing clients or prospective clients.

Analyzing Metrics On Your LinkedIn Business Profile

So let’s say you set up your profile, make sure it’s optimized, established ad campaigns and even record some video. How do you know if all this marketing is working or not? The answer is within key metrics you’ll use to benchmark your LinkedIn company page performance against the pages of your competition. The way to start includes:

Use LinkedIn Analytics to gauge the performance of your LinkedIn pages and content.

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Generating Leads Through Your LinkedIn Business Profile

It takes five easy steps to get LinkedIn generating leads for your business:

LinkedIn can also improve your prospecting for leads and, once you make the connection, build trust so you can enter conversations about your product or service. Businesses can generate leads three ways:
LinkedIn has a number of features you can use to generate business and leads.

Another tool LinkedIn offers is Sales Navigator, which gives marketers an edge in lead generation, business development, and brand awareness on the platform. It takes about an hour to set up and, once ready, offers a predictive search so the more you use it the faster it will work to tailor your results to your needs.

Sales Navigator was created for sales professionals, many of whom focus on account-based marketing (ABM), which focuses on the account or company rather than individuals. Fortunately for marketers, Sales Navigator is extremely useful for both ABM and individual lead generation marketing.

Finding the perfect prospects requires fine-tuning your searches. These are prospects that are enjoyable to work with, the ones to whom you can give the best service, and those that offer a greater financial return for your business. You can use LinkedIn to seek these prospects out, but another way the platform works is to attract them to you.

To build an advanced prospect profile you need to identify a number of ideal attributes including demographics. That includes job title, industry, company size, and company revenue. You’ll also want to describe your prospect’s pain points and what actions they already might be taking to relieve them. By doing this you are mapping out an identity of the perfect prospect, which will help you in using LinkedIn tools to target them.

Broadcasting Video On Your LinkedIn Business Profile

Use video to reinforce your brand on LinkedIn.Like Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn allows users to record and share original video posts directly onto the platform. The LinkedIn mobile app, where you’ll be shooting your video, will help you boost views and engagement.

Video gives people a better sense of who you are, what your business does, what your products look like, and more. Think of it as reinforcing your brand on your own page. It gives you personality and voice, which is crucial in the marketing of your business.
There are three ways to use video on LinkedIn:

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