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How to Improve Your Engagement and Sales With YouTube

Wish you had an engaged YouTube following that turned into customers? Need to diversify beyond Facebook?

Want to become a YouTube marketing rockstar, but something’s stopped you? Perhaps you think you don’t have the time, know-how, or skills to compete on YouTube.

Could YouTube be amazing for your business, but you haven’t been able to figure it out?

The good news is you’re not alone. 82% of marketers want to learn more about YouTube, according to our research.

But, if you want YouTube to work for your business, something’s got to change.

If you truly want to make YouTube work for you, keep reading. It’s not impossible. You DO NOT need a big budget, a big team, or an amazing personality.

Become a YouTube Pro Without Costly Expenses

The key to increasing your reach, creating amazing engagement, and ultimately selling more—without the need for huge budgets—is to discover the strategies of other successful YouTube marketers.

It no longer makes sense to overlook YouTube. Check this out: 69% of marketers plan on doing more with YouTube this year! Are you one of them?

As soon as possible, you need to begin the intentional process of improving your YouTube marketing.

And yes, you can just decide to become a better YouTube marketer, and then do just that—without a huge learning curve.

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How Do You Intentionally Improve Your YouTube Marketing?


Hi, my name is Michael Stelzner. I’m the founder of Social Media Examiner, host of a top marketing podcast, and the creator of the Social Media Marketing World conference.

Like you, I’ve been watching my peers crush it on YouTube for a very long time. I’ve watched this mega platform grow and evolve.

I knew we needed to help marketers understand how to embrace this growing platform.

Over the past five years, I developed a sophisticated process to find YouTube experts who understand business and marketing.

I scoured the planet, discovering and developing the best talent I could find. I formulated a vetting process to ensure I only work with pros who are skilled practitioners, excellent teachers, and have a heart to share what they’ve discovered.

Through this process, I’ve gained enormous insight into the abilities of the YouTube trainers in our network. They’re all world-class and I’m proud to say that they’re also my friends

From Researching to Taking Action

My research revealed that while only 53% of marketers are using YouTube, it’s also a top platform they want to learn more about.

While most marketers want to do more with YouTube video and YouTube ads, they don’t know the best strategies. They need guidance and direction.

Going from insight to action is essential. Now is the time to do something.

I’m excited to bring to you the largest and best online gathering of YouTube marketing experts the world has ever seen.

You now have the opportunity to rapidly learn YouTube marketing strategy from Tim Schmoyer, Derral Eves, Roberto Blake, Nick Nimmin, Vanessa Lau, Luria Petrucci, Salma Jafri, Diana Gladney, Ben Amos, Tom Breeze, Tommie Powers, and Brett Curry.

And while you might not recognize every name, trust me that they’re all excellent and will empower you with YouTube strategies that will help you increase your reach, engagement, and sales.

Will you take the action needed to improve your YouTube marketing? Isn’t it time to move off the sidelines and get YouTube working for your business?

3 Things You Don’t Need to Succeed on YouTube

Here’s what’s NOT required to improve your YouTube marketing:

1️⃣ You do NOT need amazing videography. Video perfection won’t improve your marketing on YouTube—but it will hurt your budget. Instead, raw and authentic is the new beautiful.

2️⃣ You do NOT need to constantly make videos. Unlike Facebook, the right video on YouTube can continue to generate reach, exposure, and sales—for literally years. This isn’t a quantity play. Instead, you need to be strategic.

3️⃣ You do NOT need influencers. Working with seemingly flawless humans to promote your products isn’t a viable long term strategy for success. Everyone knows that influencers are paid to smile and say nice things about you.

The Path to YouTube Marketing Success

You’re about to be coached by 12 of the world’s best YouTube marketing pros for an entire week. Each expert is a dedicated specialist. They live and breathe YouTube, delivering results for their clients every day. And they’ll share their proven strategies with you.

You’ll learn from their mistakes, experiments, and successes. Imagine putting their wisdom to work immediately in your business.

You know you need to do more with YouTube. If you don’t, you’ll be missing out on an amazing opportunity to grow your business.

And that’s why I’m so excited to share what we have in store for you…

The YouTube Marketing Summit is a live, online event. These experts will teach you how to increase your reach, improve your engagement, and turn your viewers into customers. Imagine a loyal fanbase who happily purchases your products and services.

Check out the brand new business-changing wisdom you’ll discover from these professionals:

How To Get Your Videos Discovered on YouTube
Instructor: Tim Schmoyer

Tim has been one of the world’s leading YouTube strategists since 2011. His company, Video Creators, trains creators and marketers to master YouTube so they can spread messages that change lives. Tim’s clients include Social Media Examiner, Disney, eBay, Budweiser, Century 21, HBO, Warner Brothers, and many small businesses.

How to Use YouTube to Develop an Audience and Grow Revenue
Instructor: Derral Eves

As one of the world’s top YouTube marketing experts, Derral has been on YouTube since the beginning. He’s helped 21 channels go from zero to over a million subscribers, generating over 34 billion video views. Derral’s clients include Red Bull, NBC, ABC, Adobe Software, The Piano Guys, Lindsey Sterling, and many more.

How to Rapidly Grow and Monetize Your YouTube Channel
Instructor: Vanessa Lau

Vanessa is an online marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and content marketing expert. She specializes in teaching new and aspiring coaches how to build their influence and scale their businesses by leveraging the power of YouTube and social media, without any cheap tricks or gimmicks. She hosts the Turn Your Followers Into Clients podcast.

How to Design a YouTube Content Strategy That Grows Your Business
Instructor: Ben Amos

Ben is a passionate online video strategist, video producer, and consultant who helps businesses connect with their ideal audiences through effective online video marketing. As host of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast and creator of the Online Video Strategy Blueprint, Ben’s mission is to help other creatives, marketers, entrepreneurs, and video producers better understand how to attract, engage and convert audiences online with video.

How to Leverage Trending Topics to Accelerate Your YouTube Channel Growth
Instructor: Salma Jafri

Salma is host of Be the Media – a YouTube channel for small business owners that provides small, insightful, and immensely actionable content marketing and personal branding tips. She believes that success is not one big splash, but rather a series of small, consistent steps taken every day. She specializes in helping people start and grow YouTube channels.

7 Steps to Creating Awesome Videos: A Video Masterclass
Instructor: Roberto Blake

Roberto is a creative entrepreneur with a background in visual branding, content marketing, and advertising. With more than 1000 educational videos on YouTube, he’s helped entrepreneurs embrace the creative process and build successful businesses. He’s the owner of Create Awesome Media—a digital agency—and Awesome Creator Academy, his training and coaching business.

Lighting: How to Make Your Videos Look Professional
Instructor: Nick Nimmin

Nick is a prolific YouTube marketing expert who helps content creators grow their brands and businesses using YouTube. He hosts a weekly multi-hour YouTube live show called Nimmin Live, focused on video tips, tools, resources, and channel growth. Nick also has a YouTube-focused podcast called Comments Over Coffee.

YouTube Live Strategy: 3 Ways to Succeed
Instructor: Luria Petrucci

Luria is a live video strategist and the co-founder of Live Streaming Pros. Her company helps creators and entrepreneurs create professional live video that’s unique to them and their personalities. Her course is called Create Your Dream Video Studio. Over 11 years, Luria has created over 4,000 videos with over 1 billion views using video and live streaming shows. She’s worked with top influencers like Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, and Michael Hyatt.

How to Use YouTube Live Streams to Grow Your Business
Instructor: Diana Gladney

Diana is host of EntreWoman TV – a YouTube channel for busy entrepreneurs who want to learn how to use video to share their vision and impact people’s lives. She’s a videographer and video editor who loves to demystify the tech of YouTube with actionable video tutorials you can put to use. She’s also host of the Video Simplified podcast.

How to Create Killer YouTube Video Ads That Convert
Instructor: Tom Breeze

Tom is a YouTube ads expert and of Viewability: Harness the Power of YouTube Ads and Be There for Your Customer — When It Really Counts. He’s created over 1,700 video advertising campaigns for his clients, focusing on lead generation, customer acquisition, brand awareness, and e-commerce campaigns. His company, Viewability, specializes in YouTube advertising, boasting an impressive client list of international personal and corporate brands.

How to Manage YouTube Ads Like a Pro
Instructor: Tommie Powers

Tommie is a video ads expert who’s also known as Tommie Traffic. He specializes in helping ecommerce, online education, and SaaS companies use video marketing to accomplish their most challenging marketing goals. He’s been actively purchasing YouTube ads on behalf of his clients since 2012. His course is Video Ads Academy

5 Secrets to Scaling Your Revenue with YouTube Ads
Instructor: Brett Curry

Brett is a YouTube ads expert and the CEO of OMG Commerce, an eCommerce marketing agency and Google Premier Partner. His agency helps eCommerce companies grow their businesses through creative marketing. He’s also the host of the eCommerce Evolution Podcast.

Here’s What It Does for You

Studies show people who further their professional development are more successful, reach their business goals faster, enjoy their work more, and earn a higher income!

Improving your YouTube engagement and sales can mean so many good things for you and your business. It changes everything. It’s especially important if you currently feel you have to work with influencers to get traction on YouTube—because you don’t.

Business opportunities flow: Imagine what it will be like when people begin chasing you (instead of you “chasing business”). Imagine people lining up who WANT to be your clients or customers. Imagine what it will feel like to convert new customers without the “hard sell” tactics used by so many others. You’ll experience “zero-resistance selling.”

You become the hero for your company or clients: Imagine more people seeking out your wisdom because you’ve been empowered with marketing techniques that work. You’ll have the wisdom you need to get better results, while reducing your trial and error. Imagine getting a promotion or raising your rates because you’re delivering measurable results.

You gain more confidence: Imagine the satisfaction that comes from being more recognized and accepted for doing the work you love. How good is it going to feel as people begin to acknowledge your expertise and your credibility?

Live and Online Training

Here’s how the YouTube Marketing Summit works:

Option #1: Watch the sessions live
When you register for the YouTube Marketing Summit, your unique log-in will grant you access to all the live sessions. Your live training will take place online, starting Monday, September 28 and ending Friday, October 2, 2020.

Option #2: Study the playbacks
Can’t make all the live sessions? No worries with your All-Access ticket. All sessions are recorded and transcribed. You simply log in, select the session you’d like to watch, and click play whenever the time is right for you. You’ll have access for the next year. You can also download session transcripts, slide decks, and audio files for further study.

Just the Facts

WHO: The YouTube Marketing Summit is ideal for any marketer who wants to better understand the latest YouTube marketing strategies so they can improve their reach, engagement, and sales. The world’s top YouTube marketing experts show you their proven techniques.

“Seriously one of the best investments I’ve made in not only my brand – but in MYSELF!” said Christina Fontana.

WHAT: The YouTube Marketing Summit is a live online training event from your friends at Social Media Examiner. Each day you’ll receive step-by-step live instruction in 45-minute sessions focused on YouTube strategy, video creation, and YouTube ads. With your All-Access ticket, the live training sessions are converted to videos you can watch–over and over–so you can improve your YouTube marketing at your own pace.

WHERE: At your 九游娱乐下载home or office! You can watch the summit anywhere using your computer.

WHEN: The YouTube Marketing Summit starts Monday, September 28, 2020. It takes place daily until Friday, October 2, 2020. Scroll to the bottom of this page for the full schedule. Doesn’t fit with your schedule? Don’t worry—with the All-Access ticket you get the recordings so you won’t miss a thing. You’ll have access to all the sessions for 12 months from your date of purchase.

WHY: You’ll be able to increase your reach, create amazing engagement, and sell more with YouTube—the largest video platform. Attending will ensure you become the YouTube marketing hero for your company and clients because you’ll be implementing strategies that get proven results.

HOW: Simply register below. We’ll email you instructions for your exclusive access to the YouTube Marketing Summit.

How to Register and Invest In Your YouTube Marketing Future

Register and invest in yourself. You’ll see a return on your investment. You’ll be able to improve your reach, create better engagement, and convert more people to customers with the strategies you’ll discover.

Ticket Options: All-Access
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Live access ALL sessions YES
Session Recordings YES
Networking Parties (online) YES
Session Slide Decks YES
Session Transcripts YES
Session Audio Downloads YES
Retail Price $497
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DATES: The YouTube Marketing Summit takes place Monday, September 28 through Friday, October 2, 2020. Doesn’t fit with your schedule? You can bypass the live experience, watch the recordings with your All-Access ticket, and still rock your YouTube marketing.

No Risk, “Sample-It” Guarantee: You can try the first two days of the YouTube Marketing Summit 2020 and still cancel for a full refund if you determine this event is not for you. Notify us here on or before Tuesday, September 29, 2020, and your credit card will be refunded and we’ll cancel your access.

Got Questions?

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Here’s What Your Peers Say:

“If you’re serious about being a leader in social media marketing, you need to invest in these Summits! They are worth their weight in gold AND diamonds!” – Colleen McMurtry

“If you want to up your SM presence and strategy, these summits are exceptional! You learn so many valuable lessons that can be implemented immediately.” – Bridget Lewis

It is so worth the money. I did not know much before I started – and now I have everything I need – especially because I get to download the videos and decks.” – Jenna Maloney

“After attending a week long summit with Social Media Examiner, I would highly recommend keeping an eye out for their future events! I picked up so many tidbits and information that I have already started seeing results from in my own social media accounts. It was a fun experience, I learned a lot to help improve my business.” – Mikayla Blosser

Is this online event really worth it?

The truth is… YouTube represents the future of marketing—the one 82% of your peers want to learn more about. If you put what you learn into action, you could save your job, your company, and cement your value for the long haul.

Here are 3 good reasons why…

✅ With the expert guidance of these 12 YouTube marketing pros, your customers will begin to know, like, and trust you more than ever before. And in today’s competitive environment, it’s almost impossible to increase sales if your customers don’t know, like, and trust you.

✅ When you start working with—instead of against—the strengths of YouTube, you’ll boost your visibility. The algorithms will reward you handsomely and you’ll start getting a lot more of the one thing you need most… ATTENTION!

Leveraging the connections YouTube marketing brings you will transform your business. Customers want to buy from people, not faceless companies. They want to look you in the eye before they make a buying decision. What better way to help them with the buying decision than giving them exactly what they want: Access to you!

Here’s how the summit helps your marketing. It will…

#1: Teach you how to create engaging videos that the algorithms love…

#2: Show you how to create effective YouTube ads…

#3: Increase your organic reach

#4: Empower you with strategies so you can acquire more customers

#5: Help you connect and develop influence with your customers

Any one of those benefits would be worth the price of this summit alone.

But the YouTube Marketing Summit delivers on all FIVE of these outcomes!

It’s Decision Time

One year from now, what will your YouTube marketing look like?

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll stay where you’ve always been.

If you want to arrive somewhere new, it’s time to try something new.

Maybe this is that new thing you need to do. I hope it is.

I look forward to seeing you at the YouTube Marketing Summit.

Michael Stelzner

CEO, Social Media Examiner


Still have questions? We have answers…

I can’t attend all the live sessions. Will I get a recording?

Yes, with the All-Access ticket. For each session, we’ll provide a recording. You can watch online and you won’t miss a thing. You’ll receive access to recordings for 12 months from your date of purchase.

Where is the event located?

At your 九游娱乐下载home or office. Because this is an online event, there is no physical venue and you’ll have no travel expenses.

When are the session dates?

Here are the dates and times of each session. All-Access ticket holders will automatically receive session recordings and transcripts, so if you can’t make a live session, you won’t miss a thing.

Monday, September 28, 2020: Sessions at 10am and 11am (PDT)

  • 10am: Derral Eves: How to Use YouTube to Develop an Audience and Grow Revenue
  • 11am: Roberto Blake: 7 Steps to Creating Awesome Videos: A Video Masterclass

Tuesday, September 29, 2020: Sessions at 10am and 11am (PDT)

  • 10am: Nick Nimmin: Lighting: How to Make Your Videos Look Professional
  • 11am: Luria Petrucci: YouTube Live Strategy: 3 Ways to Succeed

Wednesday, September 30, 2020: Sessions at 12pm, 1pm, and 2pm (PDT)

  • 12pm: Tim Schmoyer: How To Get Your Videos Discovered on YouTube
  • 1pm: Ben Amos: How to Design a YouTube Content Strategy That Grows Your Business
  • 2pm: Tommie Powers: How to Manage YouTube Ads Like a Pro

Thursday, October 1, 2020: Sessions at 10am, 11am, and 12pm (PDT)

  • 10am: Tom Breeze: How to Create Killer YouTube Video Ads That Convert
  • 11am: Salma Jafri: How to Leverage Trending Topics to Accelerate Your YouTube Channel Growth
  • 12pm: Diana Gladney: How to Use YouTube Live Streams to Grow Your Business

Friday, October 2, 2020: Sessions at 12pm and 1pm (PDT)

  • 12pm: Brett Curry: 5 Secrets to Scaling Your Revenue with YouTube Ads
  • 1pm: Vanessa Lau: How to Rapidly Grow and Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Are you outside the United States? Click here for a time converter (Select location: San Diego, CA, U.S.A.)

Will there be transcripts?

Yes, with the All-Access ticket. We’ll provide transcripts for each session. This will allow you to study and scan the content of each presentation.

How long are the sessions?

Each session is 45 minutes long.

How do I watch the live sessions?

You simply log in to our secure attendee website and follow the instructions we provide. If you’ve already purchased your ticket, just log in here to review the schedule and agenda. If you have forgotten your password, click the “forgot password” link next to the login button.

How do I watch the playbacks of sessions?

If you are an All-Access ticket holder, you simply log in to our secure attendee website. There you will find streaming videos you can play back from a desktop or mobile device.

How do the networking parties work? 

For All-Access ticket holders only, you’ll have access to two virtual networking parties to help you meet some of your peers in a more relaxed setting. There will be entertainment with lots of networking.

Other questions? You can email [email protected]